New Twitter Feature Reveals Short Link’s real URL

Website URL revealedTwitter keep sneaking in new features – I think “reveal real link” as I am calling it is great. When you hover over a short link,  a small window pops up and reveals the real underlying link. Very cool. I’m not sure when exactly it started, I noticed it earlier this week. If you’re not into how to use Twitter, feel free to skip to another post – there’s plenty more on my site. But for those who are active on Twitter, this is a neat new feature.

Many Twitter users (and many Twitter plugins) use shortened

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Better Blog Month – November Intro 1

So some of you know, I had an inspiration, thanks to @journalistics during an online Twitter event called @journchat, to create something called The Better Blog Month Project AKA #BtrBlogNov. Twenty one hardy souls signed up to participate in this free project, which I’m eager to do myself. There are many other ingredients that go … Read more

Web Savvy PR Tip #4 Comment Before You Link

Do you think before you link (or retweet a link on Twitter)? Commenting before you post a link to any social site can be a great online PR tactic This is a part of my how to series on #WebSavvyPRTip 4: Think B4 U Link: Commenting on a post B4 you link 2 it … Read more

How do you tweet? How To Use Twitter – One POV

How do you Tweet asked the bird to the beast? When I use the social networking site Twitter, and when I counsel my clients to use sites like Twitter, I seek balance in the type of a variety of the items that I post on all of my social networking sites. I’m posting this as, … Read more

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