PR 101 – Goals: 5 Reasons for Using Social Media for your Small Business (Part 1 Reasons 1-5)

PR, social media and networking for small business people on a chalkboardMy guest post just came out on the EQ List (Entrepreneur’s Questions). But in my Five Key Questions for Savvy Web PR, I left one question off. The question for entrepreneurs that I missed was: “Why am I doing…what I am doing? (i.e. whatever PR activities I am engaging in),” or phrased another way: “What are my goals?” for each PR activity my business is engaged in. Social media is one of those activities that entrepreneurs too often jump into without asking that key question.

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How Can a Small Business Get Local Publicity for an Event, Even if They Don’t Live There?

How to get publicityI was recently hired by conference organizers from another city to help promote a conference they are bringing to Philadelphia, PA. They had sourced a local press list, and had sent an initial release out, but had gotten no stories. Through word of mouth and social media connections, they contacted me. One way to answer the question of how an out-of-town small business or organization can get local publicity is to hire a local PR or media relations professional. Look for someone who has local contacts and knows the best publications for your event.

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How PR Peeps and Mommy Bloggers can Work Together

After participating in an on-line event, I was asked for a dream list of what a PR pro would like to find on a Mommy Blogger’s site to coordinate PR/blogger promotions (giveaways, contests, goody bags, expert guest blog posts, quotes for blogs and even virtual blog books tours) – in a paragraph. Not an easy … Read more

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