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I’m Cathy Larkin, founder of Web Savvy PR, and I add social media tools to the traditional Public Relations (PR) toolkit to help small businesses and entrepreneurs; non-profits and speakers; bloggers and authors build their businesses, and expand the reach of their brands.

I started my boutique PR firm in 2005 after many years in PR working for others. In 2007 I attended several conferences and let my inner “Geek Girl” out of the closet and have not looked back. I’ve  steeped myself in social networking, social media, web 2.0, organic search optimization (SEO), website design, blogging, and I am always learning new things. With 15 plus years of Public Relations (PR) experience behind me, an avid curiosity about technology, and love of connecting people to cool things, I’m having a blast as a social media guide, web designer, consultant and speaker.

I’ve been helping clients to put marketing & PR strategy behind their daily activities to build their businesses; attract people to their non-profit site (service/attraction/museum/destination); set up and grow their website/ blog; and enhance an individual or organization’s online branding, presence and visibility. How? By adapting my traditional PR toolkit to take advantage of the right social media, social networking and new-media tools for each individual business, in a way that is upfront and respectful of both bloggers and journalists. If I mention a client on Twitter or Facebook, I say so. My client’s are usually interesting enough to write about – that’s one reason why I enjoy what I do.

I have a sister firm called Keep It Simple Web Design where we build sites the match your business needs, with the needs of your clients…without all the hype. If you don’t need a fancy feature, if your customers won’t respond to it, why use it.  We build sites in a very collaborative way – so you get exactly what you need.

I also love words – so I help some of my clients write or tweak/update content on their websites, landing pages or create or revamp a blog content so their potential clients, customers, audience can find them (and so that search engines can find them more easily as well). create blog strategies for clients if needed – crafting a plan to ensure that they are not just setting up a blog and hoping if I build it, they will come.

I also speak English, as well as “geek-speak,” so if needed, I can explain geeky things in a non-geeky, easy-to-understand way.

I also research and sift through the many tools and sites out there and select the tools that will work best for your needs. I discuss and suggest what will best help your business connect to your audience, your potential customers and clients, and show you , or your staff, how to use those tools.

Internet Marketing Confusion Shows Online SEO Strategies And DevelopmentI also handle those regular PR tasks of writing press releases, researching the right media contacts, creating hooks or story pitches, and following up in ways that will entice an editor, journalist or writer to say, yes, I think I’ll run that story. The biggest mistake many publicity folks make is in not doing their research – and in not following up (politely/properly) after sending a release. This skill translates for working with bloggers and podcasters too. Before I pitch something to a blogger I check it out and read the blog, I make sure it’s the story I’m pitching is the right fit, and I let them know that I’m pitching a client’s story.

You may have “met” me out on Twitter my username is @CathyWebSavvyPR, and I helped @SmallBizLady start her weekly chat on Twitter called #SmallBizChat (Wednesday nights, 8-9 pm ET).  You can also check me out on LinkedIn www.LinkedIn.com/in/CathyLarkin. If you do connect with me on a social site – please let me know how you found me/met me.

This should give you a clue about who Cathy Larkin is and what I do at www.WebSavvyPR.com. Feel free to contact me at Cathy.Larkin@WebSavvyPR.com or 484-802-7576.



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  1. Hi Cathy! I “met” you through the ADDA planning webinars and support group you facilitate with Nathalie Pedicelli. (Saw you today, in fact!) Do you work with small business people in the US? My dear friend is an ADHD coach who needs help updating her website and creating a digital marketing strategy. Just wondering if you might be a person whom I could recommend. Thanks!


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