I offer coaching and consulting for established small business owners, and for individuals, that will increase your visibility, maintain your brand identity, enhance engagement with your customers, and produce results. I also create websites that meet the needs of your business and of your customers.

I work both with those who are new to social media, blogging and PR, as well as with those who are already out there and active, but want to do it better.

How we can work together:

  • Monthly coaching plans
  • New website creation or revamping an old website so it catches the eye of your customers and prospects
  • Retainer-based options so you can consult with me as needed
  • Specific project-based consulting tailored to your needs
  • Hourly coaching to tackle specific questions or problems
  • As a speaker for your company or organization. For information see my speaking page:

With any of my coaching and consulting, I work to make all of this tech stuff easy for you to understand. I’m a bit geeky and know lots of tips, tricks, tools and short cuts – but I specialize in breaking it down so that you understand how things work and how to use it for your business. I ‘get’ tech talk, but can translate it into plain English so it makes sense for you.

Please contact me for a free half hour intro session to discuss your small business needs and the best way we can work together. To ask a question or to schedule a time to chat, click here to send an email via my contact page or call 484-802-7576 (ET)

See my Profile on LinkedIn for testimonials/recommendations:

Options Include:

  • Professional Web Design – with my design firm Keep It Simple Web Design (click to check it out)
  • Social Media, Blog or PR Coaching
  • Social Media, Blog or PR Consulting
  • PR & Marketing Project Consulting

Specific Programs:

  • Blog, Social Media, PR or All-in-One Audits
  • Build a Blog (website) in 4-6 Weeks Program– Four one-hour coaching sessions, and work with a designer. (Can be used to revitalized an existing blog as well)
  • Build (or Tweak) a Social Media Footprint in 4-6 Weeks Program
  • Twitter 101 Coaching
    • Advanced Twitter Coaching available as well (for individuals or brands)
  • Twitter Chat Consulting

For details on any of these specific options of how we can work together click here

Contact me as above to discuss any of these options for your business

I also run a small business Website Design Firm called Keep It Simple Web Design Click that link to go to that site and see my web portfolio. I specialize in simple, affordable websites for small business. And I teach you or your staff to handle your own site text changes.

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