Now that spring has almost sprung (although it’s April, parts of Pennsylvania just got a bit of snow, and the west received a lot more) I thought this would be my last opportunity to share by guest blog post from You see, it was inspired by this winter where Philadelphia (where I live) got more snow than Boston – it’s usually the other way around. My Post: What I Learned About Small Business While Shoveling Snow – click the title to check it out. I took the photo of my trash can after about 8″ of snow was piled on top.

8 plus inches of snow on trashcan

I talk about stepping back from issues that arise in your small business and assessing them before diving in. Asking yourself if you should outsource something, or tackle it in-house. I talk about breaking projects into sections to make it psychologically easier to tackle and more – check it out. And if you are not aware of @SmallBizTrends – their site, and their Twitter account, are great resources for any business.  Has life taught you a lesson that you can apply to your business? if so let me know in the comments.


Frustrated Website Customer - hubspot stock photoSigns and signage can set the tone for an interaction between a potential customer and a business, both offline AND online. Storefront signs are a essential for bricks and mortar businesses. Sometimes those created by a business are useful, other times useless. But what people don’t think enough about are the online applications of the equivalent of good signage. Daniel Pink’s concept of “Emotionally Intelligent” signs even works on websites too. [click to continue…]


PR, social media and networking for small business people on a chalkboardMy guest post just came out on the EQ List (Entrepreneur’s Questions). But in my Five Key Questions for Savvy Web PR, I left one question off. The question for entrepreneurs that I missed was: “Why am I doing…what I am doing? (i.e. whatever PR activities I am engaging in),” or phrased another way: “What are my goals?” for each PR activity my business is engaged in. Social media is one of those activities that entrepreneurs too often jump into without asking that key question.

1) One Reason Why you Might Use Social Media in Business is Branding and Visibility [click to continue…]


Twitter Chat Tips for Small Business Owners

by CathyLarkin on March 27, 2013

Since I’m a guest on Melinda Emerson’s (@SmallbizLady’s) #SmallBizChat show tonight, I thought I’d do a quick post with ideas on how you can use a Twitter chat to make deeper online business connections. If you are not active on Twitter yet, feel free to skip or skim this post.

What is a Twitter chat?

Twitter chats are unique, in that, instead of tweeting into the equivalent of an empty room, which you hope that a few of you followers are passing by at [click to continue…]

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