Digital Marketing Trend Predictions for 2016 Part 2

Here is my second post from being a guest in December on the #SocialPoWow 2016 Marketing PredictionsTwitter Chat about Marketing Trends & Predictions in 2016.  See my predictions below:

The questions are from #SocialPowWow Chat Host @ancitasatija & co-host @KDHungerford. “The question everyone has been waiting for: Give us your digital marketing trend predictions for 2016! #SocialPowWow”

2016 Marketing Prediction #1: The trend to consider or think about mobile 1st – before other marketing considerations – will continue to grow & begin to work better. More people have fancier smart phones & tablets, plus some wearables. But let’s not forget that we live in a multi-screen world . People often use multiple screens to research a purchase or t look for information – phone, tablet AND computer (desk / laptop)

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PR 101 – Goals: 5 Reasons for Using Social Media for your Small Business (Part 1 Reasons 1-5)

PR, social media and networking for small business people on a chalkboardMy guest post just came out on the EQ List (Entrepreneur’s Questions). But in my Five Key Questions for Savvy Web PR, I left one question off. The question for entrepreneurs that I missed was: “Why am I doing…what I am doing? (i.e. whatever PR activities I am engaging in),” or phrased another way: “What are my goals?” for each PR activity my business is engaged in. Social media is one of those activities that entrepreneurs too often jump into without asking that key question.

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Part 2: 10 Things Non-Fiction Authors Can Do to Connect with Their Audience Before The Book Comes Out (Tips 6 to 10)

A few weeks ago I posted Part One of 10 Things Authors Can Do Before the Book Comes Out spurred by a conversation with an early social media coaching client Melinda Emerson. (These posts are targeted to non-fiction authors, but much of this advice will work for most fiction authors and even for small business owners). To recap the first 5 tips:

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Part 1: 10 Things Non-Fiction Authors Can Do to Connect with Their Audience Before The Book Comes Out (Tips 1 to 5)

Many head shots of people, with several selected=

I was speaking with my one of my earliest social media strategy clients the other day. Her name is Melinda Emerson; she is a successful author and speaker, and along with her busy speaking and business consulting schedule, she recently landed a spot blogging for the New York Times We were talking about the goals she had sketched out for herself in those early days before her bestselling book “Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months” came out. The social media strategy I laid out for her, which started with creating her nickname SmallBizLady, turned into a success we could not have imagined. You can do the same…if you learn the skills you need, hone your online message and “work it like a job.” Here are the first 5 of  ten things non-fiction book authors can do before your book comes out.

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