Why is Blogging Important for Business…Because Search Engines Play Favorites?

As a small business owner, it can be important to blog. Why is blogging important for a small business? Because search engines favor sites with robust content, and blog posts are a part of that game. There are a couple of reasons though. First, small business blog posts attract traffic to your website. Second, they … Read more

Digital Marketing Trend Predictions for 2016 Part 2

Here is my second post from being a guest in December on the #SocialPoWow 2016 Marketing PredictionsTwitter Chat about Marketing Trends & Predictions in 2016.  See my predictions below:

The questions are from #SocialPowWow Chat Host @ancitasatija & co-host @KDHungerford. “The question everyone has been waiting for: Give us your digital marketing trend predictions for 2016! #SocialPowWow”

2016 Marketing Prediction #1: The trend to consider or think about mobile 1st – before other marketing considerations – will continue to grow & begin to work better. More people have fancier smart phones & tablets, plus some wearables. But let’s not forget that we live in a multi-screen world . People often use multiple screens to research a purchase or t look for information – phone, tablet AND computer (desk / laptop) https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/infographics/multi-screen-world-infographic.html.

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Marketing Trends & Social Media Predictions for 2016 Part 1

I am a guest today on the Twitter Chat #SocialPoWow on Marketing Trends & Predictions in 2016. Check back here shortly after the chat for a blog post after our discussion….More to come shortly!

For an instant takeaway: Here is my Twitter list of resources to help you research trends in – demographics, technology, marketing, business etc :https://twitter.com/CathyWebSavvyPR/lists/research-n-trendsInternet Marketing Confusion Shows Online SEO Strategies And Development

I’ll paraphrase the questions from #SocialPowWow Chat host @ancitasatija & co-host @KDHungerford

Question: Where did marketers get it right in 2015, and where did we get it wrong:

Marketers are finally “getting” that mobile is very important . The use of images & video increased in 2015 and will continue to grow. By 2020, according to a Forbes article, there will be 80 billion connected devices worldwide.

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Make-over in Progress, Please Excuse my Transition Phase

hand reaching images streamingHello folks, I am taking an opportunity to do a long overdue website revamp of this website. It was one of the first sites I created and has had some work done on it, it was lagging too far behind. I got tired of apologizing for it, and of it being like the proverbial cobbler’s kid having no shoes. I would love to have unveiled a new site, perfect day one, but I decided it might be more fun to be transparent and open about the process.

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