Why is Blogging Important for Business…Because Search Engines Play Favorites?

As a small business owner, it can be important to blog. Why is blogging important for a small business? Because search engines favor sites with robust content, and blog posts are a part of that game. There are a couple of reasons though. First, small business blog posts attract traffic to your website. Second, they … Read more

Content Marketing should make your Customers Take a Step Closer to your Brand Using Dynamic Touches

Brand touch - finger reaching out to keyboardGood content marketing should make your ideal customers want to take a step closer to your brand. Your website, blog posts, social media activity, and ads should all act like a magnet, attracting prospective customers to take that one more step closer to your business. People are bombarded with information, so it can take time for them to decide to buy from you. Just seeing your branding and online activity helps build awareness of your business. By using what I call “dynamic touches” you can bring them even closer.

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Emotionally Intelligent Signs are Good PR Both Offline and Online

Frustrated Website Customer - hubspot stock photoSigns and signage can set the tone for an interaction between a potential customer and a business, both offline AND online. Storefront signs are a essential for bricks and mortar businesses. Sometimes those created by a business are useful, other times useless. But what people don’t think enough about are the online applications of the equivalent of good signage. Daniel Pink’s concept of “Emotionally Intelligent” signs even works on websites too.

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Business Branding and Naming Tips

branding business name puzzleI was reading a post about creating strong brand names, and what started out as brief comment, started turning into a business branding blog post. So I cut my comments to a minimum there, and fleshed them out here. To read the post that inspired this one click here, then come back and read my tips. Some of these tips also work for branding a product as well as branding a small business.

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