How Can a Small Business Get Local Publicity for an Event, Even if They Don’t Live There?

How to get publicityI was recently hired by conference organizers from another city to help promote a conference they are bringing to Philadelphia, PA. They had sourced a local press list, and had sent an initial release out, but had gotten no stories. Through word of mouth and social media connections, they contacted me. One way to answer the question of how an out-of-town small business or organization can get local publicity is to hire a local PR or media relations professional. Look for someone who has local contacts and knows the best publications for your event.

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Press Releases and Twitter for Business – My Recent Guest Posts

To catch some of my recent online activity check out these guest blog posts: Press Releases for Small Business: First, a guest post on Melinda Emerson’s Succeed As Your Own Boss blog on press releases: What is a Press Release and How Can a Small Business Use Them? Part 1 Twitter for Business: An interview … Read more

Web Savvy PR Tip #4 Comment Before You Link

Do you think before you link (or retweet a link on Twitter)? Commenting before you post a link to any social site can be a great online PR tactic This is a part of my how to series on #WebSavvyPRTip 4: Think B4 U Link: Commenting on a post B4 you link 2 it … Read more

How to Choose a Web Savvy Brand or Domain Name

I’ve been helping several clients answer the question: what is branding and how do I decide on a company brand or domain name especially online? Good domain names can be hard to find, do I use my own name, help?!  Many factors come into play in choosing a name or establishing a brand – Your … Read more

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