How do you tweet? How To Use Twitter – One POV

How do you Tweet asked the bird to the beast?

When I use the social networking site Twitter, and when I counsel my clients to use sites like Twitter, I seek balance in the type of a variety of the items that I post on all of my social networking sites. I’m posting this as, “How do you use Twitter” is a frequent question from my clients.

I don’t calculate how often I take each action listed below, but I do know that they are the type of things that cause me to follow, friend or link to others as well. I also know that I tweet more often about others than about myself:

  • Things that show who I am; personal tweets, often in reaction to something someone else has tweeted
  • Messages that connect me with others, asking questions, answering questions, learning about who people are and what is important to them
  • Helping people solve small problems – PR, social media, tech, life, & generally being supportive
  • Links to interesting, amusing, useful info, tips, tools, ideas, resources etc.
  • Passing along interesting links from others in my twitter stream
  • Linking to other’s blog posts etc.
  • Links to my own work, blog posts, articles, press releases
  • Linking to or retweeting client info, posts, cool tweets. I believe in transparency; I always note when a tweet includes client info, although it can sometimes we a challenge to fit into 140 characters or less. (I always say if it is from a client, but I usually have cool clients with interesting projects, so it’s not usually problematic or Spammy – Tell me if I’m wrong.  I won’t link to a client’s item, if it won’t be useful/interesting for others in my audience).

How do you tweet?

  • Have I missed an important/useful type of tweeting?
  • Which of these do you do the most? honestly.
  • I probably retweet others links the most.  But I try and tweet those that haven’t been retweeted a hundred times already.
  • Which of the above annoys you most? Or should this post have been how not to use twitter or what not to tweet?

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