15 Tips: Help for Oprah’s New Twitter Fans

I just wanted to help out some of the folks who are new to Twitter from some of the major TV coverage. So I started tweeting out a few tips to new folks and thought I’d put them here. While the Oprha show was live. This post is a bit rough, I have taken the twelve 140 characte rmessages or ‘tweets’ that I sent out and added them here, then edited them to add a bit more info. I’ll come back and edit it later, but wanted to get it up to help folks learn a few of the ins and outs of “How Does Twitter Work.”

#NewToTwitter? 1: Welcome, fill in bio, add website link if you have one, add a photo, & hometown.

2: to follow someone, hover over @name, click link, read bio & recent tweets. If they seem cool, hit follow

3: Remember to check your @username tab to the right 2 see messages/tweets folks R sending 2 you

4: Under your username & photo click followers to see who followed you & decide to follow back or not.

5a how to Retweet – if you like what someone says, and want 2 show yr followers that message – 3 steps… It’s also a nice way to find new people to follow.

5b how to Retweet – copy the tweet (not username), then hit grey arrow 2 reply, add ‘RT’ b4 @username

5c how 2 Retweet. put one space after @username & paste original tweet. If it is to long, U can edit, but only 4 space

retweet example:

RT @CathyWebSavvyPR #NewToTwitter ? 1: Welcome, fill in bio, add website link if you have one, add a photo, & hometown

5d Here’s a good guide 4 how to Retweet: http://bit.ly/h9je thanks to @duzins

5e if you think a link or point you are making is worh rtweeting, try stopping at with 20 characters left  – that leave room for the other persons username & the symbol RT.

6 If see a tweet or cool link, hover over it & hit star – that puts it in your Favorites tab for later

7a advanced: go to bottom of page, click search. Put in phrase #NewToTwitter & see all tweets using that # or tag

7b advanced: Tw search put in any phrase or @username 2 see all tweets using that @username # or ‘hashtag’

8 don’t forget to hit your browser refresh button, it will bring new tweets 2 yr screen, but be sure to follow/favorite 1st

9 Direct messages – if two people follow each other, you can send a message that only they see. click direct messages tab to the right, select a name from drop down box

10 some help? in order for Oprah to “see your message” you need to use the @ sign b4 her name try @Oprah

11 What to tweet about: answering “what am I doing now” is a part of Twitter, but only a part. Tweet about your interests; what you are reading online (include a link);, what fascinates you. Tweet something to help folks that have similar interests find you.

12 Check out my earlier Blog post on why Twitter is useful “How to Use Twitter – One POV. Each of us uses it differently, there is no one way, but here is my Point of View. https://websavvypr.com/how-do-you-tweet-how-to-use-twitter-one-pov/pr/admin/2009/01/

#NewtoTwitter #13 Check out @twitter‘s help, just above your photo on right or click link http://help.twitter.com/portal

Tip # 15 – remember to have fun, explore, follow folks just because, tweet things you and others might find funny, useful, or interesting. Also if someone’s tweets get to busy, follow a few more people, and their tweets will get spread out by those of others.

Here are a couple of other articles on getting started from other folks:


to find me on twitter: http://twitter.com/CathyWebSavvyPR


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