Who To Follow on Twitter a Philly POV

To follow or not to follow, that is one of many questions that arise when people first set up an account on Twitter. Perhaps an even greater question is who should I follow on Twitter?

At the request of digital journalist Nicole Brewer, a reporter for www.CBS3.com and  CWPhilly57 TV here in Philadelphia, I have creted a list of suggested people to follow on Twitter. This post will accompany a TV broadcast and web story she is writing about using Twitter in May 2009. It’s just a a place to start.

I know that “who to follow” is a highly subjective topic, so I am including a diverse list of people, both local and from further afield. I’m trying to include people who are active and engage or connect with others, and those who tweet about various interests, hobbies and cool things to do, not necessarily big brands or businesses.

I’ve tried to select those who will be friendly and will hopefully interact with you on Twitter as you check it out. I’ve tried to pick the type of folks who, at a party, will come up and say hi, but not the type who will slap their business card in your hands before they even shake your hand.

You can always ask me questions on Twitter too – I’m @CathyWebSavvyPR. To see one POV on how and what to tweet about click here. For very basic tips on how to set up your page and tweet click here.

A few Music Peeps to follow on Twitter:

WaltRibeiro / Walt Ribeiro I’m The Internet’s Music Teacher and NYC Organizer for Digg. I Salsa Dance, write Orchestra Music, and can solve a Rubiks Cube. You Rock (and roll) [Note: Walt used to live in Philly, but is now in NYC. He helped me select a few music scene peeps on Twitter.] [NYC/Philly roots]

boggia Purveyor of YesterPop & builder of Brand New Classic Rock since 2001.

SpintoBand Local Philly indie rock band suggested by @waltribeiro

matthyzer / Matt Hyzer Professional piano player, music arranger, church organist, jazz player

Mom Bloggers to follow on Twitter:

Cecilyk / Cecily Blogger * Writer * Mom * Sober * Fat Chick * Wife * Liberal * Philly Girl [Note: She was featured Nicole Brewer’s CW Philly TV broadcast]

classymommy MBA turned SAHM of 2. Founder/Editor Classy Mommy, Social Media Consultant, Runner, Mom Expert, Brand Advocate & Consultant [SAHM = Stay at Home Mom]

DealSeekingMom / Tara KuczykowskiCFO, Mediator, Chef, Chauffeur, Fashionista, Cheerleader, Physician, Psychiatrist, aka MOM (of 5).

momadvice I am founder of MomAdvice.com and momma to two beautiful kids.

Multi-talented local Philadelphia peeps to check out or follow on Twitter:

KimWood / Kim Wood I’m just me ! Mom, Blogger, Real Estate Agent, Runner, Pescetarian talking about Life in Pennsylvania. I want *connection*.

LDpodcast / Whitney HoffmanAttorney/podcaster/Podcamp Foundation Director of Operations/ Pediatric Logistics Specialist [Note: Whitney is responsible for getting me into Twitter – I’d been checking it out, but jumped in after attending Whitney’s Podcamp Philly event)

gloriabell / Gloria Bell People Connector, Social Media Enthusiast, Life Lover, Friend, Hugger, Organizer, Thoughts/Musings at http://asseenthroughmyeyes.wordpress.com/

tweetupphilly / Tweet Up Philly!Putting the SOCIAL in Social Media in Philly (tweets by @waltpsu and @jenz036)

Twitter Peeps in Philly Food and Culture:

PhilaFoodie Adventures in food and wine in Philadelphia. Restaurant critic for Philly’s City Paper. Lawyer.

avenueofthearts Philadelphia premier entertainment and cultural district.

visitphilly Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, as tweeted by Caroline

greenphilly / TU-GreenFreeman, Emily, and Joe: Temple University seniors analyzing How Green Philadelphia is {Note: new to Twitter – but might be of interest]

Folks who are knowledgeable about the larger realm of social media and blogging

BethHarte / Beth HartePrincipal of HMC. Marketing. PR. Social Media. Adjunct Prof. History addict. Avid reader. Art/Culture buff. Fan of beer, cowgirl boots and brilliance [Note: She was featured Nicole Brewer’s CW Philly TV broadcast]

chrisbrogan / Chris Brogan President, New Marketing Labs, a social media agency and education company. Email: blog at chrisbrogan dot com [Note: VERY useful info – not local, but I met him at PodCamp Philly]

copyblogger / Brian Clark I create new media content for fun and profit. [Note: Not local, but great info]

problogger / Darren Rowse I blog about twitter and tweet about blogging. Sometimes I blog about tweeting about blogging and tweet about blogging about twitter. [Note: he also created a blog called www.Twittips.com, also not local]

mashable / Pete Cashmore The hottest Twitter news, Twitter tips and Twitter help. Plus, the best social media links around! . [Note: Not local, but great info]

IreneKoehler / Irene Koehler How can I help you leverage social media and networking for your business or career? Coach, speaker; plus tips on my site. Happy to answer questions. {Note whe is hosing a free, Twitter 101 webinar 5/28/09]

And me – CathyWebSavvyPR / Cathy Larkin Naturally curious, I love sharing cool stuff. A Social Media / PR Guide 4 small biz, museums & authors who do cool things linkedin.com/in/cathylarkin

Small Business and Freelance info:

smallbiztrends / Anita Campbell CEO, Small Business Trends, an online small biz community reaching over 250,000 each month. Small business success … delivered daily CA [Note: Not local]

debbieweil / Debbie Weil I translate all this stuff for the non-digerati; author of THE CORPORATE BLOGGING BOOK; background photo: Tim rock climbing in CA [Note: Not local]

FreelanceFolder FreelanceFolder is a blog and community for freelancers and web-workers [Disclosure: We have worked together on a few projects]

alexknowshtml / Alex HillmanCommunity Architect, Catalyst for Hire. I’m an expert in misadventures. I co-founded IndyHall, a community coworking space in Philadelphia.

smallbizlady / Melinda Emerson Melinda Emerson is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and small business coach-expertise includes small business start-up, leadership and work/life balance. [Philly. Disclosure: We co-host a chat @SmallBizChat on Twitter about small business together]

Some of these people I have never met except on Twitter, some folks I have met in person after ‘meeting’ them and interacting with them on Twitter, and others that were recommended to me by my Twitter followers. Please add your suggestions below too!

Please feel free to add twitter peeps I missed in the comments section of the post; and please include why we should follow them. Oh, and I encourage people to include their twitter usernames (or handles as they are called) at the end of your comment – because it is all about building community and engaging with each other.

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