Twitter Tip: Make your Last Tweet of the Day Count

Too often I see business people using twitter and not thinking strategically. One easy thing to do to help attract the right type of followers on Twitter is to make your last tweet count – that is make it useful, interesting or as I call it… “retweetable.”

When you leave the site for several hours, at the end of the day, or especially on Friday (if you don’t tweet much over the weekend or on holidays), don’t just leave that last tweet exchange with a twitter pal hanging out there, or don’t just have your last tweet be: “G’night to all my twitter friends, catch you later.” Instead tweet a tip, blog post and link, or retweet someone else’s good content – but make is something that is of interest to the type of followers you want to attract to your brand. If it’s a good tip – you might get more follows & several retweets, and maybe another follower or two. Those last tweets are a part of how people judge your brand.

Those personal tweets are fine, they show you are a person and not just a ‘bot and they humanize your brand, but think about it. They hang around for hours, until you tweet again, until a scheduled tweet of yours comes out, or if at the end of the day – it’s there all night, until you tweet again in the morning. That’s not very effective.

It’s fashionable to say that the half-life of a tweet is two hours or something like that, but people check the site from different time zones; they check their twitter lists of the people whose tweets they don’t want to miss at various times;  and people are using twitter search to find tweets that are relevant to their interests all the time; they may also be searching for your company or name anytime. Did you know that when someone clicks on your username, it also shows your last two tweets. It’s part of  what I use to decide whether or not to follow someone.

So, create a great tip of your own, with a keyword woven in, that’s of interest to the audience you want to attract…That is an effective use of a last tweet of the day. A second option would be a link to your recent blog post, or even a retweet with comment of someone else’s good content that is of interest to your audience.

For example, often my last tweet of the day, is a “Twitter Tip” about making your last tweet of the day useful. It often gets retweeted quite a bit. It’s great for me, since I am a PR professional and social media strategist and coach, it fits the interests of my audience.

My friend and former client Melinda Emerson just wrote a post on 12 Advanced Twitter Techniques to Grow Your Small Business, and I left a shorter version of this tip over there, but didn’t want to write a whole post and take over her comments section. So I wrote a brief comment there and am expanding it here.

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