Content Marketing should make your Customers Take a Step Closer to your Brand Using Dynamic Touches

Brand touch - finger reaching out to keyboardGood content marketing should make your ideal customers want to take a step closer to your brand. Your website, blog posts, social media activity, and ads should all act like a magnet, attracting prospective customers to take that one more step closer to your business. People are bombarded with information, so it can take time for them to decide to buy from you. Just seeing your branding and online activity helps build awareness of your business. By using what I call “dynamic touches” you can bring them even closer.

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Twitter Chat Tips for Small Business Owners

Twitter ChatsSince I’m a guest on Melinda Emerson’s (@SmallbizLady’s) #SmallBizChat show tonight, I thought I’d do a quick post with ideas on how you can use a Twitter chat to make deeper online business connections. If you are not active on Twitter yet, feel free to skip or skim this post. I helped Melinda start this chat several years ago and co-hosted her chat with her for over 80 shows, so we know a thing or two about chats…and how they can be a small business secret weapon.

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Twitter Chat Tips

Chats on Twitter can be an effective way to grow your brand

Twitter Chats

I was Tweeting out a series of tips on how to get more out of participating in a chat on Twitter during #MackCollier’s #BlogChat 9-10 pm ET, Sunday night. As I started to send out #ChatTip #4, I thought – this needs to be a blog post. Right Then @ConnieReece sent a tweet/message asking if I’d done a blog post – as she’d like to tweet out a link. So here it is.

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