Part 1: 10 Things Non-Fiction Authors Can Do to Connect with Their Audience Before The Book Comes Out (Tips 1 to 5)

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I was speaking with my one of my earliest social media strategy clients the other day. Her name is Melinda Emerson; she is a successful author and speaker, and along with her busy speaking and business consulting schedule, she recently landed a spot blogging for the New York Times We were talking about the goals she had sketched out for herself in those early days before her bestselling book “Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months” came out. The social media strategy I laid out for her, which started with creating her nickname SmallBizLady, turned into a success we could not have imagined. You can do the same…if you learn the skills you need, hone your online message and “work it like a job.” Here are the first 5 of  ten things non-fiction book authors can do before your book comes out.

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