A Poll: When Do You Use Pinterest…Or Do You?

So, everybody seems to have a post about Pinterest. My post is a Pinterest poll, to find out when you are using this “newish” and fast-growing social media site, and if you are not yet using it, plus a short description for folks who are new to the site, and a few how to tips … Read more

Social Media for Small Business Tip: Integrate Your Blog and Twitter

Social media ratios - three iced drinks showing ratio of ice to liquidSmall businesses need to find ways to integrate their blog and social media sites, especially Twitter. This small business tip is especially important for solopreneurs and those who make handmade goods, because a large part of selling their products is, in fact, selling themselves and their story.

Take a Step Back – Look at the Big Picture Once in a While:

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How to use Twitter Lists My POV

Here’s my take on how to set up Twitter lists, At the bottom of this post are two links to guest posts / interviews of me on using Twitter lists to be more effective on Twitter. This feature was rolled out in October 2009, but many twitter users still haven’t really figured out how to create or use them. It allows you to organize or group how you see theĀ  Twitter messages (or tweets) from various individuals using Twitter‘s main web interface.

How Twitter Lists work

To use your lists, once set up – just select the list you want to see from the lists tab.

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Social Media And Blogging For Business Can Turn Cold Calls Into Warm Leads

Turn cold calls into warm calls with soical media for business - woman with telephoneA small amount of time spent on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and blogs can, over time, help turn cold calls into warm leads. It can also convert tire-kickers into client appointments and/or motivate customer purchases. The statistic from HubSpot is that websites with blogs (this includes sites that are blogs themselves) receive 55% more traffic than those without. That’s 55% more opportunity…

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