Better Blog Month – November Intro 1

So some of you know, I had an inspiration, thanks to @journalistics during an online Twitter event called @journchat, to create something called The Better Blog Month Project AKA #BtrBlogNov. Twenty one hardy souls signed up to participate in this free project, which I’m eager to do myself. There are many other ingredients that go … Read more

Tips for Connecting the Social Media Dots

Many small businesses owners are jumping onto the social media band wagon. If you are one of them, hopefully you have done your research and determined which social media sites make the most sense for your business (primarily based on where your customers or clients are spending their time). If you are already active, see … Read more

Blogs as a Useful Business Tool

Someone on LinkedIn just asked the question, “has blogging had it’s day in the sun, or is adding a blog to a website still useful for SEO purposes.” I decided to copy my answer and tweak it to fit my blog. The answer is YES Blogs are still a useful business tool! Why are Blogs … Read more

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